Service and Repair

Please fill out the service request form to assist in expediting the repair process.

If you don't already have an account set up with us, please print the Credit Application Form and return it to us. After your account has been approved we can bill you for the service call.

All of our technicians are required to maintain a certified sign electricians license and have years of experience in the trade. Their goal is to perform the repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible and to make assessments and recommendations for avoiding any future problems.

When you decide your sign needs maintenance, our service call provides you a technician with a repair truck who will arrive to repair your sign, make a detailed component repair imageinventory and take photographs. They will also list any special instructions such as parking access, business hours and electrical breaker (power) location. We archive this information in our computerized repair order system to ensure that in the event of a future service call, the technician will obtain all necessary materials before leaving the plant.

If it is determined the repair will require an extensive amount of time and materials you will be informed before we proceed. Most service calls for basic repairs take less than two hours on site. In the event you don't wish to proceed, in most cases you will only be charged a minimum fee of one hour’s labor for the onsite assessment. Travel time may be added depending on the location.

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